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Copy of Testimonials with Imam Magid 09_11_2022

I have tried the SalatBuddy personally, and was very impressed with how such a seemingly simple product can lead to a significant decrease in the stress on the muscles, joints and bones. Using SalatBuddy lowers the risk of re-injury, and allows for faster healing of injured muscles, bones, or joints.
Dr. Benyamin Deheshi, MSc, MD, FRCSC, Asst. Professor, Orthopaedic Surgery
Adult Hip and Knee Reconstruction,
McMaster University, CANADA
Performing Sujood is an integral part of our salat and incumbent on all those who are physically capable. With SalatBuddy, insha’Allah, more people will be able to perform their salat closer to the tradition of our Prophet (PBUH). May Allah (SWT) make this project successful in bringing this option to every Masjid around the world, and accept the efforts of all those who strive to perfect their Salat. Jazakumullah
Sheikh Yunus Lasania ,
Graduate of Darul Uloom, Bury, U.K.
Resident Imam, Miami Valley Islamic Association
Springfield, OH. USA
Sujood, or prostration on the ground, is prescribed in the Qur’an to all believers, and shown in the tradition of our Prophet (PBUH) to have a dramatic effect on those who perform it with sincerity before their Lord. Insha’Allah, SalatBuddy will allow many to reengage with this pure act of humility. May Allah protect all of us from Shaitan and keep us from being proud.
Achmat Salie, PhD, Alim Fadil,
Chair Islamic Studies Program University of Detroit
Mercy Detroit, Michigan USA
I was given a demonstration as to how to utilize the product upon being informed of various heights. Masha-Allah, I was able to make sujood at Fajar with no discomfort. May Allah create a way for you to raise awareness to all of those that are not able to make sujood due to a faulty knee, insha-Allah. Ameen. and keep you ever so grateful of His blessings upon you, insha-Allah. Ameen.
Sr. Dorothy Habibah Collins,
Co-Founder/ Executive Director
As an orthopaedic surgeon, many of my Muslim patients with knee pain have complained that they are unable to sit during prayers (position of Juloos) due to pain and loss of range of motion in their knee. After having had a chance to try the “Salat Buddy,” I am optimistic that this device has significant potential to help patients who are suffering from knee problems to perform their prayers more comfortably. SalatBuddy has created a simple and ergonomic tool that has practical applications from knee sprains, knee or hip arthritis, and even post surgical patients.
Dr. Arif Saleem, MD,
Orthopaedic Surgeon, Aurora, IL